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Fleas are dreaded by pet owners everywhere. They can cause all sorts of problems for your beloved cats and dogs—and even bite humans, too. Get rid of an infestation by scheduling flea control service with us. At Sure Kill Pest Elimination, we’re prepared to help clients near Fayetteville, NC, get the service they deserve.

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Our Process

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When you hire us, we’ll begin by providing you with a flea inspection. This will allow us to determine how severe the issue is and determine how best to address it. After we’ve inspected your property, we’ll begin the flea treatment process. We’ll begin by treating the interior of your home, applying insect growth regulators and residual insecticides to your floors—particularly in places where your pets spend a lot of time. This will not just kill fleas but also interrupt the breeding cycle, helping to make sure you don’t have to worry about a flea problem for months. Afterward, we’ll apply desiccant dust to any baseboards and carpeted areas of your home for additional protection.

Once your interior is treated, we’ll move on to the exterior. We have two different methods available, depending on the need. For short-term—but faster—results, we’ll utilize a combination of liquid residual pesticides and insect growth regulators, sprayed in areas where your pets frequent. For long-term, but slower, results, we’ll utilize a granulated insecticide.

Generally speaking, flea treatment will take two or three visits to complete. All of these visits are accounted for in the initial price.

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Generally speaking, the best time to begin our flea pest control program is in early spring. That said, if you have a major infestation, we can help address the issue at any time of year. We won’t just eliminate adult fleas; we’ll provide you with the solutions you need to keep fleas away for years to come. If you’re looking for flea extermination service near Fayetteville, NC, then consider calling. Get a free estimate today.


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