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Termites are wood-destroying insects that can cause serious damage to your property. If you have an infestation, then it’s important to get termite treatment from a professional. At Sure Kill Pest Elimination, we’re ready to help clients near Fayetteville, NC, with their needs. Trust us to provide you with the outstanding service you deserve.


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Our service includes a termite inspection, liquid treatment, and bait stations. We offer a one-year warranty, with yearly renewal options available.

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We’ll begin by providing you with a termite inspection, carefully checking every aspect of your property to detect damage, look for signs of termite activity, and see if there’s anything that might encourage an infestation. After we’ve inspected everything, we’ll discuss your termite treatment options with you. The first option is a liquid application along your foundational walls, which will prevent termites from entering your property. The second is to set up bait stations, which can help us prevent any further infestation problems.

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We guarantee that our termite control options will last for over a year. Once that year is up, you’ll have the option to renew our termite elimination service for up to nine years. This means that if there are any signs of termites found on your property, we’ll come and address the issue at no additional cost. If you need termite removal service near Fayetteville, NC, then give us a call. Request a free estimate today.


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